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Beard Trimming

Exclusive Men's Barbershop & Spa offers beard trimming and other facial hair services. If you love your beard, why not try having it trimmed and conditioned? Our barbers are experts on trimming and caring for facial hair. We can help you choose the right style for your face shape. 


A beard trim will make your beard look much neater, no matter its length. We can cut your beard so it looks more flattering and emphasizes your jawline. A squared-off beard is flattering on any man, and we’ll help you keep your beard in top condition. 


If you’re in the mood for a clean shave, you can enjoy a straight razor shave. Our barbers will give you a close shave that will leave your skin smooth and clear. Our hot towel shave services are relaxing and soothing for your skin. A professional shave is a luxurious experience, and it’s the perfect way to prepare for a special occasion or photoshoot. We turn a normal shave into a spa experience. 


Call today to learn more about our grooming options in Sunny Isles Beach, FL! We provide top-notch salon services and care for our clients.

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